Complaints Management Service

This service is designed to provide employers with an independent complaints’ management service (Emverio Workplace Complaints (EWC) where employees can lodge complaints about their workplace and employers can be confident that any serious issues are being caught quickly managed in a professional, efficient and expert way.

The service can be accessed by;

EWC can receive complaints from; employees, volunteers, contractors and customers or anyone who has access to the employer and has a complaint. EWC will also be able to take complaints from any person in Australia. We are set up to support any Australian even a company that does not yet have a membership with us.

EWC can receive complaints about;

It does not have to be a whistleblowing matter. EWC receives complaints from general members of the public with complaints about their employers. However, non-members (employers) may not be willing to assist and are not required to comply with our processes.

Where we are unable to assist a complainant, you can contact the Fairwork Ombudsman or the Fairwork Commission to determine whether you are eligible to lodge an application. You may also be eligible to lodge a complaint at the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), or your State Anti-Discrimination body. Alternatively, you can contact a private laywer, industrial advocate, your professional body, your Union or your local State’s Health and Safety body. See useful links below.

Useful Links